Izbet Tabib (15/07/2006)
Solidarity with Prisoner Khader Adnan, Tel Aviv, Israel (14/2/2012)
Action against bulldozers, Al-Walaja (04/08/2010)
Palestinian farmers prevented from harvesting their land, Saffa (27/06/09)

In the past two years, Anarchists Against the Wall has been subject to a growing wave of assaults on anti-occupation activists in  Israel and the West Bank.

In order to sustain our work and provide legal representation to arrested activists, we have issued an urgent appeal for  regular supporters to help us raise $1500 by the end of each month.



July 31, 2009 - Weekly Demonstrations Against the Wall

Some 100 Palestinians, 50 internationals and ten Israelis gathered this Friday in the village of Ma'asara for a wedding march, which was combined with the weekly anti-wall demonstration in order to highlight the severe personal and social implications of the occupation, the oppression and the wall. Demonstrators accompanied a couple that got married just the night before and two other couples disguised as newlyweds all the way across the village, with marriage songs and protest slogans interchanging and completing each other. Coming close to the end of the built area of the village the couples left to prepare themselves for the next part of the wedding-protest

 Maasarah, July 30 2009

24th of July demonstrations in the West Bank

Bil'in Friday demonstrationBil'in Friday demonstration

Some 200 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists participated in the Friday non-violent demonstration against the Apartheid Wall in Bil'in. The protesters proceeded toward the fence built on their lands, chanting slogans and waving the Palestinian flag.
After a few minutes protesters were met with tear gas, but stood their ground...

Bil'in reclaims the night - Nil'in reclaims the day

On the night between the 22nd and the 23rd of July several dozens of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals gathered in the centre of the village of Bil'in, for a protest march against the Israeli army's invasions of the village in recent weeks (and against the Apartheid Wall and the settlements). These nightly invasions have included arrests of activists and spreading of terror throughout the village. Prior to the demonstration activists hung posters on village houses, explaining to the soldiers in Hebrew and Arabic what's wrong about the invasion, and calling upon them to stop attacking the village as it will not give up on its just cause and struggle....

 Bil'in night 22-7-09

17th of July West Bank demonstrations - and arrests in Bil'in


In the village of Bil'in the Jericho Palestinian Struggle Youth Union marching band joined several dozen Palestinians, international and Israelis, who conducted an exceptionally big demonstration against the annexation wall and the night and day arrests of residents of Bil'in (on the night before a 13th villager was snatched by the army for investigation, while the army's lawyers prepare to appeal a decision to release one of the local organizers). The marching band led the procession drumming and chanting toward the demonstration site, but stayed behind due to its members' young age. Upon arrival the demonstrators kicked footballs to the soldiers, who failed to follow the script of the current Israeli TV commercial and engage in a peaceful football match, possibly because in this real life situation their Palestinian opponents were clearly visible from across the barbed wire. Instead, the soldiers threw gas canisters at the demonstrators. On Sunday morning, 5AM, soldiers stormed into the village and arrested a member of the popular committee.


Ni'ilin 17-7-09

10 July Weekly Demonstrations

This was a week of intense struggle, with Bil'in invaded by the army and residents of the village kidnapped by the army during several nights during the week.  At this Friday's protest, the Army, in addition to the usual tear gas, sound gas, and rubber coated bullets, also used the "bad smell" water that causes vomiting and disorientation.  In Ni'lin, at least two protesters were arrested by Israeli agents disguised as demonstrators.  Protests also occurred in Al Mas'ara/Um Salmuna and Nahalin, read on for details….


July 3 2009 - Weekly Demonstrations

Dozens of demonstrators gathered this Friday in Ni'ilin. For the third week in a row, the demonstrators managed to arrive at the fence. As in the previous two weeks, some of the demonstrators even managed to cut some of the barb wire surrounding the fence.

 Niilin - 03-07-2009

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