Izbet Tabib (15/07/2006)
Solidarity with Prisoner Khader Adnan, Tel Aviv, Israel (14/2/2012)
Action against bulldozers, Al-Walaja (04/08/2010)
Palestinian farmers prevented from harvesting their land, Saffa (27/06/09)

In the past two years, Anarchists Against the Wall has been subject to a growing wave of assaults on anti-occupation activists in  Israel and the West Bank.

In order to sustain our work and provide legal representation to arrested activists, we have issued an urgent appeal for  regular supporters to help us raise $1500 by the end of each month.



Resistance to the war continues



On New Year's Eve, as Israel's offensive entered its sixth day and festivities were officially cancelled in Palestine and throughout a host of other Arab countries in solidarity, the escapist parade of partygoers was rained upon in Tel Aviv by a "Happy New War" street anti-party. Activists carrying signs and banners denouncing the attack on Gaza marched through the cold, rainy night, to remind Israeli citizens that war crimes committed on their behalf leave little room for celebration.



On January 1st, activists travelled to Ni'ilin to attend the funeral of Mohammed Sa'adat Fahami AlKhawaja, 22, who died the day before after being shot in the head by Israeli soldiers during a demonstration against the attack on Gaza the previous Sunday. This funeral took [...]


The month of December saw an abrupt, rather-suspicious surge in indictments filed against AAtW activists. Police dug up a whole plethora of old charges - over 50 of them, some more than a couple of years old! - and suddenly decided to file them all within the space of a few weeks. The charges relate to offenses allegedly committed not only during actions against the occupation and against Israel's 2006 attack on southern Lebanon, but also during Women's Rights and First of May, in a way highlighting the interconnectedness of all different forms of oppression and of the fight against them.

War on Gaza Met with Dissent from the get-go. Dissent Met with Repression

Images of resistance from the past week. Pictured: a demonstration in Jaffa, 29/12/08; Mortally injured Mohammed Khawaja in Ni'ilin, 28/12/08; Clashes in Ni'ilin following the death of Arafat Khawaja, 28/12/08; Police clashing with demonstrators in front of the Ministry of Defence, 27/12/08. Pictures by ActiveStills

Israel's harshest assault on Gaza since 1967 - codenamed "Operation Cast Lead" - which began on Saturday morning and left over 250 Palestinians dead on its first day alone, was met with widespread condemnation around the world, including dissent within Israel itself.

Army invades Ni'ilin injuring 17 demonstrators

Video by David Reeb

150 anti-wall demonstrators were attacked by the army in Ni’ilin today. The force, composed of border policemen, was positioned at the edge of the village, only meters away from the built-up area and about a kilometer away from the path of the wall, and on sight started pushing and beating demonstrators, who were doing nothing but to calmly walk to the village’s lands. A Swedish protester was so badly beaten that her leg is apparently sprained after she was pushed down on the floor and stepped on.

Live ammunition used again in Ni'ilin

Security guard shooting live rounds at the demonstratorsSecurity guard shooting live rounds at the demonstrators

A private security guard, hired by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, opened fire on unarmed Palestinian, Israeli and international demonstrators in Ni'ilin. The shooting began after protesters marched towards the bulldozers constructing the wall on the village's land, and despite the fact that no threat was posed to the guards or work crew. No one was hit by the bullets, but a number of demonstrators were hit by bits of stones that ricocheted as a result of the bullets' impact. This is a direct continuation of the recent murders of Ahmed Mousa and Youssef Amireh, and of the brutal violence used by the army in the last months. Eight were injured by rubber-coated bullets and teargas projectiles.

Seven injured and three arrested in Ni'ilin

Video by Israel Puterman

About 100 people managed to get to the wall's construction site today at around 11:00, and disrupted the bulldozers' work, and one young Palestinian even managed to climb on one of the machines. Even before reaching the bulldozers the demonstrators were attacked with teargas and rubber-coated bullets, as well as kicks and punches. Seven were injured and three were arrested.

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