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Solidarity with Prisoner Khader Adnan, Tel Aviv, Israel (14/2/2012)
Action against bulldozers, Al-Walaja (04/08/2010)
Palestinian farmers prevented from harvesting their land, Saffa (27/06/09)

In the past two years, Anarchists Against the Wall has been subject to a growing wave of assaults on anti-occupation activists in  Israel and the West Bank.

In order to sustain our work and provide legal representation to arrested activists, we have issued an urgent appeal for  regular supporters to help us raise $1500 by the end of each month.



Five injured and a paramedic arrested in Ni'ilin

Video by Israel Poterman

Trying to illustrate the theft of the villager's land and livelihood, about 200 Palestinians, Israelis and internationals carrying olive branches tried holding a peaceful vigil along the settler roadside. Though the road was not block, and it was made very clear to the soldiers there was also no intention to try and do so, the protesters were immediately assaulted with teargas and rubber bullets and pushed back into the village, where barricades where erected on the main road to prevent the army from invading.

18 injured in mass demonstration in Ni'ilin

Video by David Reeb

About 500 Palestinians, Israelis and internationals tried disrupting the construction of the wall today, and were met by severe military repression and violence. A total of eighteen people were injured, many of them suffering injuries bad enough that they had to be taken to the hospital.

Ni'ilin: Bulldozers subotaged again

Video by Israel Poterman

Four years ago the International Court of Justice in The Hague issued an advisory opinion ruling that the wall Israel is building in the West Bank is illegal, that construction should be halted, and that already built parts should be dismantled immediately.

One day after the four day siege on the village had ended, Ni'ilin marked the 4th anniversary by trying to implement the decision and successfully disabling one of the bulldozers constructing the wall on the village's lands.

Three people were arrested and 7 were injured

Ni'ilin no longer under curfew

A car burnt by soldiers during curfewA car burnt by soldiers during curfew

Shortly after the end of yesterday's attempt to break the siege, at around 22:00, the army went out of the village, thus ending curfew. Though villagers vowed to continue resisting the theft of their lands, the siege on the army was also lifted at around midnight, with a (probably empty) promise by the West Bank Commander of the army's Civil Administration, brigadier general Yoav Mordekhay, to look into changing the path of the wall.

Ni'ilin: days and nights of siege and curfew

A burning barricade, Saturday the 5thA burning barricade, Saturday the 5th

Following two weeks of almost daily, very successful demonstrations in Ni'ilin, where demonstrators were able to disrupt construction numerous times and even to significantly damage machinery, the army had decided to resort to illegal collective punishment in its attempts to strangle the outburst of popular rage in the village. In the divide between Thursday the 3rd and Friday the 4th, around 4AM, massive army forces gathered at the three entrances to the village and brought life in the village to a halt - no one allowed in or out. Fierce street resistance broke out, and at 5AM, Sunday the 6th, a complete curfew was imposed on the village. Over a hundred people were already injured in the last three days.

Bulldozers smashed in Ni'ilin

Video by Israel Poterman

Demonstrators in Ni'ilin managed to reach the bulldozers and other heavy machinary constructing the wall on village's land today, and to cause significant damage to the machinary, despite live ammunition being shot at them.

Two bulldozers, one truck and two jeeps were hurt in a way that did not allow them to continue construction

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