Izbet Tabib (15/07/2006)
Solidarity with Prisoner Khader Adnan, Tel Aviv, Israel (14/2/2012)
Action against bulldozers, Al-Walaja (04/08/2010)
Palestinian farmers prevented from harvesting their land, Saffa (27/06/09)

In the past two years, Anarchists Against the Wall has been subject to a growing wave of assaults on anti-occupation activists in  Israel and the West Bank.

In order to sustain our work and provide legal representation to arrested activists, we have issued an urgent appeal for  regular supporters to help us raise $1500 by the end of each month.



Two road blocks removed in Hebron region

Roadblock removal in Beit Ummar: Photo credit: Active Stills (http://www.activestills.org)Roadblock removal in Beit Ummar
Two concrete roadblocks blocking access to the Palestinian villages of Zif and Beit Ummar were removed as Israeli activists joined Palestinians in an act of resistance to the Israeli policy of restriction of movement and Jewish-only apartheid roads.

The day started at the village of Al-Jab’a, where a dirt mound and a few concrete slabs block the road between the Palestinian villages of Surif and al-Jab’a. The purpose of this roadblock is to restrict the movement of Palestinians from Surif and Beit Ummar to the north, and limit travel possibilities to one: going through the Beit Umar junction, where there is a military pillbox and a constant military presence.
As soldiers were present near the roadblock and it seemed impossible to remove it, activists headed towards a second roadblock in Zif, where a line of concrete blocks of one cubic meter (35 cubic feet) blocked a road, and where local community members were waiting.

Bil'in weekly demonstration in solidarity with imprisoned journalist Emad Bornat

Demonstrators marching in Bil'in. 13/10/06Demonstrators marching in Bil'in. 13/10/06

The people of Bil'in, together with Israeli and international activists, converged today for the village’s weekly demonstration against the wall, and in solidarity with imprisoned journalist Emad Bornat.

IDF accused of attacking journalists


The Tel Aviv-based Foreign Press Association on Thursday accused the IDF of "unprovoked violence against journalists" after two Palestinian journalists were beaten up and one of them detained in the West Bank.

Judge orders probe over Palestinian cameraman hurt in Bil'in


An Israel Defense Forces judge on Tuesday ordered the army to open an inquiry into the affair of a Palestinian cameraman wounded over the weekend after soldiers arrested him during a demonstration against the separation fence in the West Bank village of Bil'in.

Roadblock removed in Beit Ummar

Palestinians, Israelis and internationals dismantling a roadblock in Beit Ummar near Hebron. Photo credit: Active stillsPalestinians, Israelis and internationals dismantling a roadblock in Beit Ummar near Hebron. Photo credits: Active stills

Palestinians, joined by Israeli and international activists, gathered in the village of Al-Jab’a to prepare the removal of a roadblock at the Surif / Jab’a junction. The roadblock, composed of dirt, massive rocks and large concrete slabs, was strategically placed in this location to frustrate the northward movement of Palestinians from the villages of Beit Ummar and Surif, thereby forcing them to only pass through the Beit Ummar junction, where there is a military installation and a constant army presence.
Besides the issue of the army monitoring Palestinian movement and controlling it, this simply causes a detour and heightens expenses for people already made poor by Israeli policies of occupation and siege.

Judge: Police officers lied while testifying against left-wing activists


Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court revealed Tuesday that police officers lied while testifying against 11 left-wing activists accused of violent acts during anti-fence demonstrations in the West Bank village of Bil'in. The court acquitted the activists.

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