Izbet Tabib (15/07/2006)
Solidarity with Prisoner Khader Adnan, Tel Aviv, Israel (14/2/2012)
Action against bulldozers, Al-Walaja (04/08/2010)
Palestinian farmers prevented from harvesting their land, Saffa (27/06/09)

In the past two years, Anarchists Against the Wall has been subject to a growing wave of assaults on anti-occupation activists in  Israel and the West Bank.

In order to sustain our work and provide legal representation to arrested activists, we have issued an urgent appeal for  regular supporters to help us raise $1500 by the end of each month.



IDF probes shooting of fence protesters


The IDF has launched an investigation to determine why soldiers fired live bullets into a group of protesters trying to break through the security fence in Mahseya east of Rosh Ha'ayin on Friday afternoon, wounding an Israeli demonstrator and an American activist.

Soul-searching in Israel over shooting of West Bank barrier protestor


The shooting of an Israeli peace activist demonstrating against the controversial West Bank separation barrier prompted fierce debate here Sunday with the army accused of being trigger-happy.

The incident, which was the first time that Israeli Jews had been shot at with live bullets since the start of the intifada more than three years ago, dominated coverage of Israeli newspapers and radio phone-ins.

The Israeli Defence Forces have already launched an inquiry into the shooting on Friday which left Gil Naamati, a member of the "Anarchists Against the Wall" movement, with serious leg injuries.

Democracy isn't built on demonstrators' bodies

On December 26, 2003, the Israeli army deliberately shot at Gil Namati, a 21 year old Israeli protestor that demonstrated against the wall. Gil was shot with live ammunition in both legs. The incident invoked a media ferenzy and raised many questions.
What would have happened if the army didn't lie about the shooting of Gil Namati. Would it have justified the actions taken by the soldiers? Is there a difference between shooting a Jew and a non-Jew?
This film is divided into three parts, the first part presents the investigation which was shown at an AATW press conference, and proved the army was lying about the circumstances of the shooting. The second part criticizes the investigation itself and how the media reacted and portrayed the incident and the wall. The third part is a mock propaganda piece about the "danger" the anarchists pose in Israel.

Israel shoots two peace demonstrators


Israel Defense Force soldiers shot and wounded two people during a demonstration against the West Bank security fence Friday, Ha'aretz reported.

An Israeli man sustained light wounds, while a foreign tourist was more seriously injured.

The incident occurred close to the Palestinian village of Mahase, where around 100 members of the Anarchist Movement against the Wall and the International Solidarity Movement were protesting against the construction of the security fence.

During the protest, troops used live ammunition but later, another foreign activist was wounded by a rubber bullet.

World anti-fence campaign kicks off


Several hundred protesters attacked the security fence near the village of Zububa outside Jenin Sunday to kick off an international protest day against the barrier in events from Ramallah to New York.

5 ISM activists hurt in clash trying to tear down security fence


Soldiers used tear gas and rubber bullets against Israeli, Palestinian, and foreign activists affiliated with the International Solidarity Movement who tore down a section of the West Bank security fence and forced open a locked gate on Monday. Five foreign ISM volunteers were reported wounded.

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