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Police remove left-wing activists that build fake settlement outpost


Police removed dozens left-wing activists and Palestinians who built a mock Palestinian outpost in the West Bank on Saturday to protest Israel's ongoing settlement expansion.

Leftists erect 'outpost' to protest settlement expansion


Some 40 leftists from Israel and abroad build mock outpost east of Jerusalem in protest of Israeli settlement expansion in West Bank. Police evict all protesters, detain some for questioning

Disrupting the separation policy


The anarchists, Machsom Watch, Yesh Din, Rabbis for Human Rights, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Physicians for Human Rights and other activist groups - few as their members may be - disrupt the separation policy and its ills.

Thanks to the (Cowardly) High Court


Selected comments by the representative of the Popular Committee of Bil'in, Basel Mansour, to Israelis that participated in the demonstration in the village after the decision by the Israeli High Court. Was published in Haaretz as an op-ed

A victory for the anarchists


Anyone who went to demonstrate in Bil'in knew that he stood more than a small chance of getting hurt somehow by "his" army

Six wounded in weekly Bil'in anti-separation fence protest


Five Palestinians, Border Policeman hurt in clashes; activists claim security forces used unnecessary force.

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