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Army assaults demonstrators in Bil'in, 7 injured

A Palestinian demonstrator expressing solidarity with wounded Photographer Fadi El-ArouriA Palestinian demonstrator expressing solidarity with wounded Photographer Fadi El-Arouri

This week in Bil'in, after almost two solid years of at least one demonstration a week, over a hundred people took part in the weekly demonstration. In addition to protesting the wall and the occupation, this week's demonstration was also held in solidarity with Maan News Agency photographer, Fadi Al-Arouri, who was shot with live ammunition in the stomach and groin during a Special Forces invasion to Ramallah recently. Fadi is hospitalized in Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, and is still unconscious.

Click here to watch a video from the demonstration.

Bil'in mass demo attacked, eight injured

Hundreds murch in Bil'inHundreds march in Bil'in

In a semi-historic day for the popular movement against the wall, the central committee of Fatah decided to mark its 42nd anniversary by joining the weekly demonstration in Bil'in.

Over 500 Palestinians from the entire Ramallah district gathered in Bil'in despite pouring rain and the previous day's military invasion of Ramallah, that left four people dead and about twenty injured, some critically. They were joined by Israeli and international supporters.

Click on the links to watch a video from the demonstration or to view Ynet's coverage

3 injured in Bil’in as border police escalates violence

Border policemen grabbing a Palestinian demonstratorBorder policemen grabbing a Palestinian demonstrator

This week’s protest, on the eve of the Eid El-Adha fest, saw the participation of a larger group of villagers than the usual.
As in every week lately, on their way to the wall, demonstrators spotted border police officers entering the village to taunt the youth and attract stone throwers. On reaching the closed gate, with soldiers barricaded behind it and razor-wire, protesters were able to breach through the razor-wire nearby, the first barrier of the wall, creating a passage. Soldiers, limited by the same razor-wire they placed in front of the gate, slowly made their way to close the passage. By that time a small group had already crossed, and was now between the razor-wire and the second barrier of the wall, a 2.5 meters fence.

Tel Aviv's center blocked by the wall

Traffic jam in Tel Aviv after activists blocked the street with razor wire from the West Bank WallA traffic jam in Tel Aviv after activists blocked the street with razor wire from the West Bank Wall

Basel Street, one of Tel Aviv's hippest coffee shop centers, was blocked by 20 anarchists, using razor wire from the wall itself today at around 14:00.

Click here for video or to see coverage from Ynet and Haaretz

Hundreds marched in unity against planned apartheid road

Demonstrators marching in protest of planned apartheid roadDemonstrators marching in protest of planned apartheid road

Over 200 Palestinians, Israelis and internationals demonstrated against Israeli plans to pave a new apartheid road on the lands of Palestinian villages Beit Ummar and Halhul. In a time of great inner tensions between Palestinian factions, the demonstration presented unity of struggle, with participants from all wings of Palestinian society. Participation varied from Fatah, through the leftwing PFLP to Hamas, and was headed by the villages' mayors – one from Hamas and one from Fatah.

Bil'in, still defiant

Some of the protesters gathered infront of the gateSome of the protesters gathered in front of the gate

In a week presenting relatively calm approach towards the demonstrators, the army did not forgo invading the village for no reason and occupying rooftops in an attempt to provoke a response from the village’s youth. Click here to watch a video from the demonstration

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